• Will Barnett

    It’s a great point Neil. I think another thing I’ve learned sometimes which may relate to your recent bike/foot journey is that at times of change where things don’t feel right it’s actually better to slow down and get some perspective and insight to refocus on your goals. Tackling problems at a different pace or through different eyes can radically change your course of action and choices for the better.

    In reality this can mean take some time out (if possible) or get advice from an external advisor or mentor that you know thinks differently to you.

  • http://www.neiljpearce.com Neil Pearce

    Completely agree Will and the external perspective can be really useful too whilst remembering that no one understands your own problems like you!

  • http://www.davidsanger.com David Sanger

    “The best leaders are the ones that don’t give up just because things don’t go according to plan” 
    Key point. That’s exactly when leadership begins to matter. thanks

  • Mukul Mathur

    Interesting observation, btw I got to your blog from linkedin. My limited experience in Project management has taught me that something will always go wrong. I usually try to do as much scenario analysis as possible at different stages of project.

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